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Capital Acquisition Tax (CAT)

CAT comprises the following;

  • Gift Tax

  • Inheritance Tax

  • Discretionary Trust Tax


Discretionary Trust Tax

We want to assist you, if possible, in reducing your exposure to Capital Acquisition Tax. This is taxed on the beneficiary. The threshold is a life threshold so if the beneficiary receiving the gift/Inheritance were to receive future gifts/Inheritances from a person in the same group threshold they would be subject to the full CAT rate if their threshold was previously exceeded.

At Shelbourne Accountants we take a proactive rather than a reactive approach to Tax planning. Estate planning is really important. Answer the following questions;
• Have you a Will?
• Have you looked at the Tax consequences of your Will?

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax is charged on taxable Inheritances taken on death The current Rate of CAT is 33%. CAT is Taxed on the beneficiary of the gift/Inheritance. In CAT there are different Group thresholds depending on the relationship between the person who is giving the gift/Inheritance to the beneficiary. Any monies in excess of this threshold would be taxed at 33%

Gift Tax

Gift Tax is charged on taxable gifts taken other than on death

If the answer to any of the above is No……you really need to meet us for a consultation. Remember CAT is a Tax on the beneficiary. Do you really want to be leaving a big Tax liability behind?
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