Basic Income Tax Returns (€99.00 +VAT)

Who is this service suitable for?

For all PAYE workers.

What’s included in the package?

  1. Medical expenses

  2. Social welfare

  3. WFH allowance

  4. Expense allowance

  5. TWSS reconciliation

  6. Review Tax credits and tax bands to  ensure maximizing Tax efficiency

What is next?

Once payment is made, our client services team will send you an online form for you to fill out so we can complete your Tax Returns. The timelines for completion of your tax returns will be discussed with you once we have all relevant information.

Additional rental property


Inheritance/Gift tax return

  • Capital Acquisition Tax computation

  • IT38 Return


Top Benefits Of Using A Tax Accountancy Service

  1. Minimize the risk of Revenue Enquiry: By working with a professional to file your returns you can have peace of mind that everything is filed accurately minimizing your risk of a Revenue inquiry into your tax affairs

  2. Avoid Over Payment of Tax: A professional accountant from our team will make sure that you pay just the amount of tax as required.

  3. Peace of Mind : The tax return itself has dozens of different sections and you may be unsure of certain aspects of which sections you should complete. Coupled with the fact that tax law changes all the time, the only way to be sure everything is correct is to hire a professional. It will not only save time but will help you to concentrate on growing your business.


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